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SEO marketing can mean the difference between being found or getting lost in the listings.

Effective SEO marketing can bring both potential consumer and targeted consumer traffic to your website even when your company doesn't top the list of search engine rankings. We will build a better SEO strategy for your company based on your goals, customer behaviors and target audience through content development, website structure and organic search results. Find out how Gainesville Marketing can implement successful SEO strategies through content, social media and landing page marketing.

Location-based optimization is a must for every business.

Web searches that include a city for location-specific services are extremely common and have become one of the main ways people search online. These geo-targeted searches, which include terms such as [business name or industry] + [city], are being used to find services, contact information, company websites, driving directions and more. That's why it's so important that your company isn't missing out on the potential local market. Gainesville Marketing helps ensure your business is being found through Local SEO.

Take control of your advertising budget.

With PPC advertising, you pay each time a potential customer clicks on your advertisements. It's important to make sure your advertising is attracting the right kind of consumer, whether it's potential customers who just need a little push to buy or targeted consumers who plan to buy from you. PPC management gives you advertising data and results in real time, so if the wrong kind of people are clicking on your ads, you can make necessary changes that won't break the budget.

Bring previous visitors back to your site with targeted advertising.

You may think it's challenging to get a customer to visit your website a second or third time. But with remarketing tags and target advertising, all you have to do is extend an invitation to return. This can be accomplished through network or banner ads as well as email campaigns. Consider all the potential traffic that may have left your site without purchasing or completing a call-to-action. Remarketing strategies allow you to cater messages to those visitors and offer an incentive to return.

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