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Local Marketing vs. SEO vs. PPC.

You don't have to choose just one. Marketing strategies change based on your company's goals and profits and well as advancing technologies and trending online behavior. To meet each intended outcome, your company may employ any number of marketing strategies at one time, and they may each have a separate outcome. Local marketing can reach consumers in a specific area, while SEO may increase your ranking in organic searches, and PPC campaigns target only potential buyers. By combining all three strategies, you can reach more people and grow your business.

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White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO.

Some may say it's good vs evil. White Hat tactics are those that target human audiences for organic search engine results. This includes SEO, link building, backlinking, and including informative, factual content. Black Hat tactics are ways that less reputable websites employ to trick search engines into giving the sites better rankings. These strategies might include keyword spamming, using keywords that aren't relevant to the page's content, and even including invisible words on the page in hopes of a swift financial return.

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Google Algorithm Updates History

Google releases hundreds of algorithm updates each year, but only a few made the tech blogs for their impact on websites and search results. Stay current on changes in order to keep your website afloat. It's the big changes you need to pay attention to so that your site doesn't end up falling into the search engine rankings abyss. Google continually updates its algorithms in order to return better results for the people who perform searches – Google's target audience – so the industry giant will do whatever it takes to keep improving.

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