3 Quick Tips for Google+ Local

Let's get this right out there at the beginning: You need WAY more than these 3 tips to dominate Google+ Local listings. OK, glad we took care of that.

The disclaimer above notwithstanding, these ARE 3 golden nuggets that WILL definitely HELP move the needle.

1. Don't use a PO Box as your address.

Do you know the requirements for getting a PO Box?
Anybody over 18 with 2 forms of ID can sign up for a PO Box.

This does not exactly signal trust.

In fact, it waves a giant flag to Google that says, "We're probably shady!"
So, just don't do it.


2. Don't make up your business categories in Google+ Local.

I know that you've found the perfect niche in the "electronic cigarette manufacturing business consultant" company you're starting, but that's just not gonna work. You can add 5 categories, and you should be able to cover your unique company within those 5 categories. You will get more search traffic this way.


3. Memorize your address. Seriously.

I know, you know your address. Stay with me here.

Remember when we all memorized our home address as a kid? Well, this is a whole other level here.  It pays to be OCD with your address.

"Ste. A" is different than "Suite A" is different than "S-A" is different than "Suite #A."

Your address should be absolutely identical everywhere it's listed online.

Think of your address and phone number format as a password. You have to get every part right, every time, to help boost your local trust, signal, and rank to Google. If you pick "NW 3rd St.," don't ever list yourself on "Nw 3 Street" It sounds picky but Google looks at those two as different.


Bonus Tip!

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