What Bing’s Market Share Rise Means

Since its launch in 2009, Bing has always been subtle and secretive with its updates and changes. Just a few months ago, the search engine algorithm released its mobile friendly labels without warning or promotion.

These labels inform online users when a website is compatible with their mobile device. In essence, it lets users know if a site will be easy to navigate on their cell phone. With such a major (yet secretive) move, it came as no surprise to many that Bing has risen in the market share. That’s right — Bing is slowly climbing to the top.

Bing Reaches 20 Percent in Market Shares

Data from comScore indicates that Bing reached 20 percent in market shares a few months ago. While Google still holds the No. 1 spot, and is hundreds of steps higher than all other search algorithms, we have to give Bing its credit. Bing has always been the underdog — never very popular or widely used. But ranked as the second most commonly used search engine on desktops in the United States, Bing is making serious moves toward success.

What Does This Mean for Yahoo & Google?

What makes Bing’s market share rise the most interesting isn't so much the fact that Bing has earned the second spot. It has more to do with the search engine algorithm that it replaced during its rise. The spot that Bing now has used to be filled by Yahoo, Bing’s partner in the Yahoo Bing Network, and it’s a place that Yahoo has held for many years. Yahoo dropped in rankings from what seemed an unyielding, even comfortable, spot for the search engine.

Does this mean that Bing and Yahoo are in competition with each other?

Because both companies are a part of the same network, their switch in places may be considered a positive thing. After all, profits will still be generated for both companies because of their shared network.

But what about Google? While Google is still the most commonly used search engine in the United States, the dominating search engine may wish to tighten its users or launch new updates to send Bing back down in ranks. We are not suggesting that Google will be dethroned — that will take some time and several advancements. But it seems obvious that if Bing continues to make secretive steps toward more efficient systems, it may snatch some of Google’s users. We cannot say for certain but Google may eventually have to fight to hold onto its spot, or at least to hold on to its major jump ahead.

Are You a Bing User?

After hearing about this exciting update, you may feel inclined to switch to Bing. No matter what your interests or needs are, you deserve the search engine that will best monopolize your company’s website.

Whether you are a fan of Bing or Google (or maybe you still have hope for Yahoo), professional web designers and Internet marketing strategists at Gainesville Marketing have the knowledge and resources to keep your website functioning high in search engines. It does not matter who ranks first or last in the market share; we will ensure that your website receives priority ranking in the search engine algorithm that suits your needs.

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