A/B Testing & Optimization

Create an optimized website through page vs. page testing.

A/B testing is an analytical technique used to identify weak areas of a website’s design or content by evaluating user behaviors of consumers while they visit a web page. Gainesville Marketing uses A/B testing to see which page elements can be manipulated or changed in order to provide results for your company. Depending on your goals of  your business, you may want to increase site traffic or conversion rates. With A/B testing and optimization, we can discover what type of consumers use your site, how they use the site, and which features are driving them away from your website.

A/B testing consists of making a variation of your existing web page. We then test the variant by sending half of your site’s traffic to the original page and the other half to the new page. Based on the behavior of site visitors, we can narrow down which page elements or content produce better sales and conversion rates.

A/B Testing  & Optimization with Gainesville Marketing

A/B testing is often utilized after a company has completed a number of content experiments. We can take the best performing metrics from each of the content experiments and combine to create a variation of a web page. Then, we test that page variation against an existing page. Throughout testing, we recommend that you have a specific goal or result in mind so that it is clear when that goal or result is achieved. Measured results such as this are the best way to make changes to your website without worrying about irreversible mistakes. Common goals include more downloads, increased site traffic, longer page viewing sessions, increased sales and higher conversion rates.

One benefit to A/B testing is that is can be completed on every page of your website. It’s likely that not every page will need testing, but based on feedback and data that we can collect through Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, as wells as Moz integration, we can find the weakest pages of your website and give them an overhaul in a controlled environment. Some page updates might be simple and obvious, such as needing new content or correcting a confusing layout. But when you aren’t sure how to proceed in getting your website’s performance up, then A/B testing might be your best option.

Another benefit of A/B testing is that there is almost always “winner,” that is, a page that overly outperforms the other. Because we split your site traffic in two, it may be necessary to repeat or extend testing if your site does not receive enough traffic to build a usable result.

A/B testing is also preferred over massive website redesigns if  your site has been updated and maintained regularly. This can help prevent unwanted penalizations such as lower search engine result page rankings, fewer site visitors and decreased conversion rates. These unexpected results typically occur when broad, sweeping changes are implemented on a site without control or a clear strategy. A/B testing can find out if consumers will like your website changes before your implement them throughout, allowing you to test your new content, designs and layout without sacrificing consumers, rankings and profits.

A Better Site Through Gainesville Marketing

We recommend that businesses in Gainesville consult an inbound marketing company that has experience in analytics and necessary tools to gather and evaluate data. Webmasters may have access to similar tools, but without the knowledge in interpreting the data, you’re left with just a bunch of statistics. Let us help you evaluate and understand your website so that it can be improved.