Business Blogs

Give your organization a voice through an online blog.

Blogging was once thought of comically as online journaling for lonely teens. But the last 20 years have changed the way everyone looks as blogs as they have risen to become a platform for leading industry authorities to discuss, dissect and denounce any topic, trend, practice, service or product. You may not consider your company an authority of your industry, but it can be, and we can help you set-up, update and maintain a business blog.

Benefits of a Business Blog

A business blog provides your company with a lot of online benefits. You may not get famous, but you could improve your company’s website traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, and how your site ranks on search engine result pages.

  • Blogs offer new, unique, informative content for your website. As you may know by now, creative, high-quality content is a must for a successful SEO campaign. And blogging provides your company with the perfect way to continually update your website with quality content.
  • Blog posts can be optimized for search engines. That means including links, keywords, informative material and all the other White Hat SEO tactics that can lead to higher search engine rankings.
  • Getting others to link to your site is easier when your company features a blog with relevant information on any number of topics. You can keep it specific to your industry or run a casual blog every Friday with input from your employees. Whatever your strategy, get writing. And if you don’t have a resident wordsmith, Gainesville Marketing can create blogs for your company on whatever topic you choose. We can also edit content that you or your employees create so that it’s SEO-approved.
  • Giving consumers a reason to visit your website can be difficult when there’s a lull in promotions and clearance sales. But a regularly updated blog is the perfect excuse for a reader or consumer to revisit your site and see what’s new.
  • Like social media sites, business blogs can connect with your audience. Consumers are offered a rare glimpse at a company’s priorities through topics of blogs and the opinions expressed within. You can create a connection with your consumers which may lead to increased brand loyalty. And that can only mean good things for your profits.
  • Blogging can also increase brand awareness. If your blog is picked up by other bloggers or outlets, then people who may not know of your company can be introduced through other websites. Including a link to your blog on your social media site can be beneficial if it’s trending, as anyone can see what’s trending on any given day. And once you build up your online followers, your consumer base is more likely to grow.
  • Blogging about an issue that is important to you or your company is a perfect outlet that can lead to an improved online reputation. Let your consumers know what’s up and why your company takes a certain stance. It can lead to building a following or simply highlighting that your company is comprised of hard-working humans who deserve respect.

Gainesville Marketing & Blogging

Our blogging services can be packaged with other services we offer for a more comprehensive online marketing campaign. With SEO and social media marketing, our team of writers and designers can create a fully optimized system of content, links and designs that are sure to impress your consumers. Let us help your organization grow through business blogging.