Content Copywriting

Discover how content can grow your business.

The best kind of writing both captures an audience and informs them. While this is likely the goal of nearly all writing, including website content, it’s easier said than done. Web users have extremely short attention spans and they make instantaneous decisions about websites. Slow loading times, ill-conceived layouts, distracting adverts, hidden navigational links and poor content can all play a part in why a visitor abandons your website. But content that intrigues and interests a site visitor can persuade them to stay, and Gainesville Marketing wants to help your company grow by providing better content.

How Site Content Can Affect Profits

Content is found everywhere online, on your websites, social media profiles, business blogs, landing pages and even advertisements. No matter where your company has content online, it should be well-written and optimized for search engines. With quality content and an SEO expert on your side, your company can see real results.

The basic strategy for any company’s website, including eCommerce, is to increase site traffic, get ranked highly on search engine result pages, and improve conversion rates and sales. In order to reach those goals, however, you’ll need unique, thought-provoking content.

Gainesville Marketing’s content copywriting services can be used to create any online content that you need. Our writers create unique, custom copy that is specific to your website, blog or social media page. Search engines like Google penalize websites that copy content from other sites or that relies on duplicate content throughout the site. You can rest easy knowing that your site won’t be penalized by Google due to the content we provide. No matter what topic, issue, product or service you need to cover, our writers and search engine optimization experts can provide informative content that is easy for search engines to crawl and index.

Content Copywriting Strategy

We often advise our clients to create a plan or goal for their content. Are you trying to increase site traffic, improve sales, or drive conversions? Whatever your goals are for your company, know that your content can help you achieve these goals.

Conversion-driven companies often utilize content that is more direct in order to get to the point of sale or call-to-action more quickly. We know that online consumers don’t waste time. In fact, many consumers know whether or not they will make a purchase before they even visit your website. But for those who are on the fence, informative yet purposeful content can encourage your consumers and push them toward the sale.

It seems that every company wants a larger consumer base and more website traffic. The content on your website, social media profiles, online press releases and business blogs can drive additional traffic to your site while increasing brand awareness. As you publish more content, there are more opportunities for larger audiences to have access to that content. Our content copywriting services be tailored to your SEO and content management strategies so that each tactic moves your online marketing campaign toward a common goal.

Consistent updates and quality content can also improve your online reputation and brand loyalty. By publishing content that interests your audience and provides valuable information, you’ll become a trusted source of information. The better your content, the more likely it is that consumers will share it with others. As people gain access to your content through blogs and social media, you can show them the strengths of your company while forming a connection. Reach out to your consumers through our content copywriting services to grow your business.