Content Management Systems

Stay on track of site updates and performance with a CMS.

A website is not an element to sit unattended or remain the same over an extended period of time. Consumers want to have access to new information on your company’s website, and search engines actually reward websites for making relevant periodic updates. To search engines like Google, regular maintenance and updates shows that a website is active and the information provided is more likely to be correct and relevant to a search query.

If you don’t have a dedicated staff to perform website updates and maintenance, then you may want to consider using a Content Management System (CMS) and hiring a company like Gainesville Marketing to monitor your site and manage your CMS.

Content Management Systems

A CMS is web-based software that allows you to access, update and maintain your website without the need of website creation software or knowledge of coding. These systems make it easier for business owners, webmasters and even employees with limited tech knowledge to perform necessary tasks. Each system is comprised of two parts -- the content delivery system (CDA) and the content management application (CMA).

The CMA allows users to make changes and updates to images, text, videos and minimal adjustments to layout. This includes creating new content, publishing content or editing existing content. Many of our clients find the automated publishing features to be extremely helpful when content is needed to go live at a specific time, such as the beginning of a sale or promotion. With the web-based schedule, you decide when the content should be published, and it happens without you needing to be logged in or even awake.

The CDA is the technical part of the content management system, performing the updates and scheduled posting that you put in place.

Advantages of a CMS

A CMS provides your business the resources and tools needed to perform tasks in real time. There’s no waiting for content, images or redesigns to be published unless you’ve chosen to utilize the scheduling features. If you’ve spotted an error or need to replace a graphic with one that has updated information, these adjustments can be made in a few minutes. And because CMS programs are user-friendly, you can perform site maintenance around your daily responsibilities.

Even though a content management system is easy enough for most users, many of our clients prefer to let us manage their accounts. Having an inbound marketing company monitor your CMS can prove fruitful if the company is also monitoring your site with Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. For example, should Google send you an alert about an issue with your site, Gainesville Marketing can quickly handle the adjustments needed through your CMS. This means issues that could affect your rankings or web traffic can be fixed swiftly so your site is back to its peak performance.

A content management system is also perfect for smaller companies where employees may have several different types of duties and responsibilities. If you have more than one employee responsible for website updates, a CMS can help streamline the process and, since it’s web-based, allow everyone access.