Conversion Design for Gainesville eCommerce

Did you know that your website can help, and hinder, your conversion rate goals? ECommerce businesses in North Central Florida have a lot of competition between all the great businesses thriving in Gainesville and the millions of websites available to consumers. How can you bring potential customers to your site and encourage them to purchase from your company when there are so many options available to consumers? A comprehensive Internet marketing campaign will help, and a conversion-based website design is a good place to start.

Conversion Designs for Your Website

We find that many business owners do not set clear goals for their websites in order to improve metrics such as site traffic, session times and conversion rates. It isn’t enough for you to have a loyal consumer base or to generate a profit. You need to make sure your website stays ahead of the competition and relevant to potential consumers. After all, you wouldn’t keep an ineffective employee just because he or she shows up everyday — they need to perform their duties and improve over time. So why hang on to a website that might be hurting your company’s bottom line. We recommend creating an eCommerce strategy that includes implementing a conversion-based design for your website. Once you have goals to reach and metrics to measure, you can evaluate how well your website is truly performing for your company.

Conversion designs are usually focused around the sale or call-to-action. Never make your consumers hunt for a way to purchase a product. It’s too easy for a frustrated or annoyed consumer to exit your page and head to a competitor’s site, so you want to make the shopping experience as pleasurable as possible. Sticking to a simple, yet professional-looking, website can help maximize profits and click-throughs as it will be easier for consumers to complete the call-to-action or sale. When profits are on the line, you don’t want your customers distracted by outbound links that take them away from your website.

A Comprehensive Approach

Many eCommerce business use landing pages with conversion designs because they share a similar goal. A landing page can be designed to appear as though it belongs to your website, but it is a standalone web page with a purpose of getting a click-through. Therefore, a landing page design needs to help that goal be achieved.  This is usually done by providing content that is specific to the product or service in question. Consumers who feel educated on a decision are more likely to act. Landing page designs also center around the call-to-action or reason for the click-through. This doesn’t mean the click-through link is located in the middle of the page, rather, the design, layout and content all flow together so that it leads the reader to the call-to-action.

We also help eCommerce web campaigns by providing a look of cohesiveness. There are no bait-and-switch tactics here. Your website, landing pages and even pay-per-click advertisements should all clearly embody your company. If they look too different from one another, the it will be more difficult to build a united online brand. But when consumers can instantly recognize your brand, on any of your web pages, sites or advertisements, it opens up your business to better brand loyalty and awareness, as well as a better online reputation.

For eCommerce companies in Florida, poor performance from a website is unacceptable. Don’t let your site hinder your sales or drive away your consumers. Trust us to help your business grow through a conversion-based website design.