Custom Infographic Design

Infographics are not your typical pie chart.

When you want to present information in a way that will appeal to readers, pulling them in and making it easy for them to understand your message, there are few better platforms than a custom infographic. Infographics are used around the world to present data, statistics, big ideas and large amounts of information through creative graphics and illustrations. These are not your typical labeled pie chart. Custom infographics go above and beyond rudimentary charts and give your audience an inviting educational experience.

Let Infographics Tell Your Story

While infographics have been used for decades, they are becoming increasingly popular online as a way to present facts and information. The likely cause to the popularity of infographics is the fact that most online users prefer being able to read and absorb information quickly. An infographic takes up very little space on a webpage, but it can have a huge payoff. And the more creative and informative an infographic is, the more likely it will be shared with others. Having a custom infographic go viral online can bring a lot of attention to your company and traffic to your website.

Our infographics are always 100 percent customized. We create illustrations and graphics to fit the information of your choice so that your company can benefit. With custom infographics, you can gain followers on social media sites, drive traffic to your website, improve your search engine rankings, and even expand your search engine optimization marketing strategy through building a better network of backlinks. Custom infographics also help your SEO marketing strategy because they do contain content as well as illustrations. While the content is limited, it can be expressed in a fully optimized way.

Perhaps the easiest way to gain exposure to an infographic is by posting it on social media sites. A good posting can go viral and spread like wildfire, with thousands, even millions, of users “liking” and “sharing” the post. This can lead to other websites picking up your link and featuring it in blogs, articles and other postings. When one website links back to your website or social media profile, we call that backlinking, and it’s a practice that has significant SEO benefits. Sites that have a lot of backlinks are considered more credible by search engines like Google. This means your website can earn a higher ranking through an increase in backlinks. So when you provide bloggers and online media outlets with a reason to link to your site, you’re letting them raise your rankings for you.

Gainesville Marketing’s Custom Infographics

We’ve created custom infographics for several different industries found in and around Gainesville, Fla., for clients who want a more creative way to present information with the opportunity to improve their overall online marketing strategy. With Gainesville Marketing, you can trust that we’ll provide unique illustrations with high-quality content to create leading infographics on any topic. Our design team has the expertise and experience to create visually stunning infographics that will appeal to your audience while serving a purpose. Let us help your business grow through innovative infographics and creative content.