Gain access to comprehensive eCommerce services.

When your business is wholly reliant on the success of a website, you want to  use every tool available to your advantage. With Gainesville Marketing, our Gainesville-based eCommerce clients have the right tools and services for a successful website and a growing business. Starting with an outlook based on your eCommerce goals, we can create an online strategy the address your concerns of web traffic, sales and conversions, and building a better online presence.

Drive Visitors to Your Website

No eCommerce venture will succeed without significant amounts of web traffic comprised of existing or potential consumers. When every website click must lead to a conversion, you want only your target audience heading to your site. We offer several services that can help reach your target audience while also attracting them to your website.

First, your website needs to be accessible. That means we’ll take a look at improving your ranking on search engine result pages. We can help improve or solidify your ranking through content creation, better web design and an expansive marketing campaign.

Content Creation

Reel in your target audience through higher quality content. Whether it’s your website, business blog, social media profile or online press releases, our writers can create original content for your audience that points them in the direction of your website. It’s important that the content on your website is optimized for search engines, but it must also be appealing and well-written. A slew of keywords might help you rank higher, but it will do little to persuade a consumer to make a purchase. Our content creation services can help point potential consumers to your site, but you’ll need more than just great content to make a sale.

Converting Consumers

High-quality content is a must for every website, but eCommerce sites are unique. Your content must not only inform but persuade your audience to convert. That can be tricky when you consider that consumers can make snap decisions based on your website’s appearance. We utilize website design methods that result in professional, clean website layouts that lead consumers down a path to the call-to-action. Often, eCommerce sites are inundated with advertising, flashy graphics or illustrations, and several call-to-action buttons. While you definitely want to make the call-to-action clear and easy to find, you don’t want to provide your consumers with ways to become distracted or give them a reason to be put-off by your site. Through conversion website designs and better landing page designs, we can help convert your site visitors so your eCommerce business can grow.

Expand Your Brand

Increased brand awareness, improved brand reputation and better brand recognition can lead to bigger profits. By ramping up your Internet marketing strategy, you can reach a larger audience and provide a personal connection with your consumers, which builds trust and brand loyalty. Consumers who trust a brand and become loyal to it account for more sales over time.

Social media marketing can help improve your brand in every way. The most noticeable difference is gaining a larger following. Some companies have millions of followers who are exposed to posts about the company, sales and promotions, and even direct-selling campaigns. These followers often have the option to share posts or reTweet information, which can expose your company to new consumers.

Providing consumers a way to connect with your business can help establish a brand reputation. Sometimes negative reviews or customer service interactions can occur on social media, but it is also the platform that makes reputation management the most accessible.

We also use remarketing tactics to reach previous visitors and alert them to new sales, promotions, products and services that are relevant to their interests. By reconnecting with consumers, you can build on their loyalty and remain at the forefront of their online purchasing decisions.

Your eCommerce Success

With Gainesville Marketing’s multitude of eCommerce services, your business is sure to grow. Each of our eCommerce strategies is wholly unique to our clients, so we’ll determine which services will have the most effect on your company while working to reach your goals. We understand how important it is for our clients’ eCommerce businesses to succeed, so we will work to improve site traffic, increase conversions and boost your search engine result rankings.