Email & Banner Design

Connect with consumers when they aren’t on your website.

Banner and email adverts are two of the oldest forms of online advertising yet they remain relevant and successful. These two forms of marketing can help your company establish your online presence, tailor ads for target audiences, and improve your sales and conversion rates. At Gainesville Marketing, we help Gainesville area businesses create and implement email and banner advertising campaigns through better designs and placement.

Banner & Email Designs

Banner advertising remains one of the most popular online advertising tactics. The design of your banner ad could help increase brand awareness and establish a better online presence through improving your reputation and building your customer base. By standardizing your banner, or parts of your banner, you can achieve instant brand recognition, which is helpful when encountering consumers who are loyal to your brand.

Banner ads can be included in emails that your company sends to consumers and potential consumers, but they can also be presented on Display Network web pages. As your consumers browse, they could be seeing your banner ads on web pages, search result pages, and even social media pages.

It’s possible to have several banner designs so that your adverts can be tailored to your audience. With Google remarketing, we can create banner adverts that will appeal to your audience based on their browsing behaviors. For example, the banner ad you present to a new customer would be different than an ad tailored for a return customer. These differences are easy to identify with Google remarketing, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. Ask us whether your company could benefit from implementing remarketing and analytical services with Gainesville Marketing.

A Professional Touch

When browsing the Internet, it can be easy to spot company advertisements that were hastily put together, and there’s usually no doubt which companies have had professional help with their banner ads. Companies large and small can turn to inbound marketing companies like Gainesville Marketing for high-quality advertisements without paying high-end prices. Our team of designers can create ads that look professional and that are appealing to consumers, providing your company with more opportunities to make the sale.

We encounter a lot of business owners who prefer to create their own adverts and handle their own marketing campaign. While some have the time to create and implement successful ads, others may struggle with balancing the necessary time or having the knowledge and expertise to create an effective ad. This can lead to unbalanced designs, cheesy logos and a plethora of problems that consumers might find laughable. Don’t let a bad banner put a dent in your company’s online reputation. Trust Gainesville Marketing to create banner adverts that stay relevant in the rapidly advancing world of search engine optimization and online marketing.

We also provide testing services so that you can get the most out of your advertising campaign. With Google Analytics, we can test multiple versions of your banner ads and see which ad outperforms the others. These types of analytical services can ensure that your company sees a higher return on investment more quickly, and they are useful in creating best practices for future campaigns.

If you’re looking for a way to step up your online marketing strategy, or you want to be more effective in your marketing campaign, turn to the professionals at Gainesville Marketing and watch your business grow.