Google Analytics

A wealth of information at your fingertips.

Did you know that data can be compiled from each of your company’s web pages? Site visitors, page clicks, conversion rates and more are constantly being compiled by Google, and all of that information is just waiting for webmasters to benefit. Gainesville Marketing can help your company tap into that information, evaluate the data, and implement changes or best practices in ways that can increase your company’s online performance.

Google Analytics, a web-based tool that collects data and allows clients to analyze the information about their sites. Any business with an online presence can benefit from Google Analytics, no matter the company’s size, and even those businesses that are not strictly concerned with eCommerce. However, we highly recommend eCommerce businesses to use Google Analytics and evaluate their data regularly.

Benefits of Google Analytics

What if you could monitor the browsing behavior of your site visitors and consumers across multiple web pages? You can with Google Analytics. We can help identify your audience and discover the various ways these users reach your website with traffic analyzation and reporting methods. Map overlays, flow visualization and traffic source tools provided by Google allow us to see where your consumers live, how they discover your website, and which of your company’s marketing campaigns are proving most effective in attracting site traffic.

Google Analytics’ event tracking tool can also monitor how site visitors interact with your web pages. See how many times visitors play a video, download content or click on links. In-Page Analytics provides this information in the form of charts and graphs so it’s easier to understand. Once we’ve discovered who your target audience is, where they are from, and their browsing behaviors, we can build websites and marketing campaigns that will appeal to your audience for improved traffic, sales and conversion rates.

Testing is an important feature of Google Analytics. Content experiments and A/B testing allow you to see which versions of your web pages and website can lead to increased traffic, call-to-action completion and even sales. In both instances, we test new features or content on your existing site visitors so we can see exactly what works with your consumers and what doesn’t work.

Increased Sales & Conversions Rates

The bottom line of nearly every marketing campaign, online or offline, is whether the company has achieved increased sales or conversion rates, or both. As long as sales and conversion rates remain high or continue to increase, your business can be profitable. But don’t become complacent in your company’s success. Understanding which components of your online marketing strategy are driving sales and conversions is the only way to continue being successful. Through the information compiled with Google Analytics, we can determine which pieces of marketing are effective and which features need to change or be dropped altogether.

Google’s advertising reports can help you stay on budget while understanding exactly where your money is being spent. It allows us to see which promotions, sales, services and products are performing well so that we can continue to create marketing strategies that will be successful in the future.

Google Analytics & Gainesville Marketing

Google has made its analytical tools available for all webmasters. But an in-depth analysis isn’t something that just anyone can do and be able to provide actionable results. Google recommends that individuals who are able to evaluate and analyze the collected data become certified, and that only certified analysts should try implementing changes to affect desired outcomes. This is an admirable action by Google, and we are proud to say that we are certified and able to analyze your company’s data, evaluate it for best practices, and implement changes that will result in matching your company’s goals.