Google Remarketing

Reconnect with visitors to your website across the web.

Traditional stores have plenty of ways to invite customers to return to their locations — mailers, coupons, advertising — but for eCommerce businesses, it makes sense to invite your consumers to return to your website via remarketing practices.

Google remarketing allows you to present adverts to people who have previously visited your website, mobile website or used your mobile apps. There a several different approaches you can take with Google remarketing in order to better serve your needs and the online behaviors of your consumers.

Approaches to Google Remarketing

At Gainesville Marketing, we highly recommend Google remarketing services to our clients because it’s the most effective way to continually reach people who have visited your website and shown an interest in your products and services. Google offers several forms of remarketing that can make it easier for companies to target audiences with specific interests.

  • Standard remarketing allows people who have visited your website in the past to see your adverts while they browse websites on the Display Network or use apps within the Display Network. This is a pretty basic remarketing tool that can reach people across a wide network of sites even if they haven’t previously made a purchase or completed a call-to-action.
  • Dynamic remarketing takes remarketing a step further by adding some customization to the adverts used. With dynamic remarketing, you can show ads that correspond to specific items or services they viewed on your website. This can help bring back consumers who might be interested in a certain promotion or sale your company is featuring on items they have previously viewed.
  • More people are using mobile devices every day, so it makes sense that Google offers remarketing to users who have visited your mobile website or used your mobile apps. Mobile device users see your advertisements while they browse other mobile websites or use other mobile apps.
  • There are nearly 12 billion searches completed on Google each month. If your company is included on remarketing lists for search ads, then users who leave your site to search Google can see your ads appear when they search for relevant products or services.
  • According to YouTube, more than 1 billion unique users visit the site every month. With Google video remarketing, you can reach audiences who watch your videos or your YouTube channel whenever they watch other YouTube videos or browse apps, websites and videos in the Display Network.

Benefits of Google Remarketing

Remarketing is a specific advertising tactic to reach consumers at a time when they are most likely to make a purchase or complete a call-to-action. This can not only help drive traffic to your site but also increase the opportunity for sales and higher conversion rates. Remarketing also allows you to customize your approach, targeting people who have browsed but not purchased or those who have abandoned items in their shopping carts.

Gainesville Marketing’s Advantage

When you partner with Gainesville Marketing, you can expect to receive full management of your remarketing campaign. We are able to help you create a remarketing strategy, deciding the type of custom lists you want to utilize, as well as implement the tag code on your website pages. We will also create custom adverts to show to users as they browse Display Network sites or search Google. Remarketing can be a powerful tool used to invite consumers back to your site and plant a seed of brand loyalty that can grow into a dedicated customer. Let Gainesville Marketing help your company grow with Google remarketing.