Google Webmaster Tools

Never be in doubt about your website’s performance.

Website owners may experience a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the way their sites perform, how they are ranked in search engine result pages, whether their sites are being penalized by Google, and how site visitors are making their way to the websites. With Google Webmaster Tools, you can learn about your website and see how Google interacts with it.

Gainesville Marketing can keep you up-to-date on notifications and alerts from Google with our site monitoring services. We know you’re busy, and perhaps you don’t have the staffing to dedicate to website maintenance, updates, fixing errors and staying compliant within Google’s Webmaster guidelines and parameters. That’s why we’re here. We are able to monitor your website and its performance, and if an issue does occur, we can act quickly to limit any negative rankings from penalties or repercussions.

Google Webmaster Tools & Your Website

No matter what kind of company you run, you can benefit from using Google Webmaster Tools to monitor your website. Through this series of web-based tools, you can see how Google indexes your site, receive alerts when errors are found during crawling,

With Google’s alerts informing you about errors, you are able to quickly make changes or updates so that the search engine can better index your site. This means that Google is able to better recommend your site during search queries, which can lead to consumers being able to find your site more easily.

Webmaster Tools provides information on each web page as well. So if you have an existing web page, or create a new web page, you can see whether others have linked to the page and how it appears in Google’s search results. There are also performance tools to help you see which pages get the most traffic and contain the most popular services and products.

In addition, Webmaster Tools also scans a website for malicious code which can be difficult to discover as your website may still function if infected. Google penalizes websites with malicious code very harshly, so if your site has plummeted, or you can’t get off the second or third page of results, Webmaster Tools can alert you to the source of the problem. Once the malicious code is removed, your site will be able to rank in search results once again.

At Gainesville Marketing, we recommend our clients use Google Webmaster Tools in conjunction with Google Analytics, another web-based set of tools and resources offered by Google. While Webmaster Tools keeps you aware of how Google views and indexes your site, Analytics can provide you with a wealth of information so that you can improve your site. Google Analytics compiles data about your website, site visitors and various web pages so that you can determine the best way to market to consumers, update your site and even redesign your site with user input. These changes can then be monitored through Webmaster Tools to make sure your site is healthy and optimized.

Gainesville Marketing’s Advantage

At Gainesville Marketing in Gainesville, we have the resources and expertise to provide services that work to help Internet marketing campaigns succeed. With Google Webmaster Tools, we can evaluate each of your web pages and make the necessary changes to ensure your business can grow while avoiding penalties. Whether your business focuses on eCommerce or is supplemental to your store, office or warehouse, Webmaster Tools is the ideal way to stay competitive. Don’t let your competition gain the upperhand. Use the Tools at your disposal to improve your website and in turn, your website rankings.