Landing Page Design

For companies that rely on conversion rates, landing pages are important pieces in the puzzle of online marketing. These standalone web pages exist for the sole purpose of getting a click-through, a completed call-to-action or a sale, and it must provide the consumer with everything he or she needs in order to complete the desired outcome. That’s why the design of a landing page is pivotal in the success of the overall marketing strategy. If your landing pages aren’t driving the results you want, then you aren’t realizing the full potential of your Internet marketing campaign.

Landing pages are most commonly used by eCommerce businesses, and they can be more effective when combined with a conversion-based website design, as well as web-based tools such as Google Analytics. By combining several marketing tools that are able to work together toward the same company goals, you can put your business in a position to rise above the competition.

Which Landing Page is Right for Your Company

There are two types of landing pages — lead generation and click-through — and you should choose the type of landing page based on your company’s eCommerce goals.

Click-through landing pages serve as a doorway to guide a consumer to another page. Once the consumer has landed on the landing page, it’s up to the content and design to encourage the click-through to the next web page. With click-through landing pages, the page that comes after is just as important as the landing page. You don’t want to build up a sale on the landing page just to deliver your consumers to your website’s home page. Why not? Well, if they’re all geared up to purchase a product, you should send them straight to that product’s page. Otherwise, they might lose interest, get distracted by other offers or products, or simply be disinterested in searching your site for the product discussed on your landing page. And sometimes, consumers won’t remember the name of the product from the landing page, so if you drop them on a page where they aren’t able to purchase the product, you’re missing out on a sale.

Simplification of information is a key element in creating a click-through landing page. You want to get the consumer excited about the product, but you don’t want to overwhelm them with information. After all, the next page can be utilized to fill the consumer in on all the fine print and minute details. The landing page is your online salesperson that provides the consumer with pertinent information while creating urgency.

Lead generation landing pages are what eCommerce businesses use when they want to collect information, such as email addresses, from consumers for future marketing purposes. The majority of lead generation pages include an online form for consumers to complete so that businesses have a way to contact or market to them in the future. These pages can be utilized in order to ask consumers to register for your site, request a free sample, try out a product, and even enter a giveaway or a contest. Businesses can also use lead generation landing pages to increase their consumer base by building a database of information. This is a great way to combine landing pages and remarketing to offer tailored ads to those who have visited your landing page. These adverts can help increase sales and brand loyalty if they succeed in bring your consumers back time and time again.

We can help you choose the right landing page based on your eCommerce strategy. It’s possible to have more than one landing pages active in order to expand your company’s reach. Landing pages are generally designed for a specific purpose, service or product, so we can create as many landings pages as you need for a complete online marketing strategy.