Online Press Releases

Is your company doing everything it can to increase brand awareness and improve its reputation?

Online press releases are a must for nearly every business, but especially for those who want to present their consumers and site visitors with a more complete web presence. Press releases are a form of branding for your company that is quick, easy, and an excellent way to increase site traffic, increase brand awareness, improve online reputation, increase backlinking opportunities, and provide quality information to better educate your target audience. Online press releases can also help bolster your standing in the industry as you become a leading authority on bigger issues.

How Can My Company Create an Online Press Release?

Depending on your employees’ talents, writing an online press release can be easy or a headache. These documents should include everything that a press release written for news publication would include: topic, lede, attribution, original content that serves a purpose, and contact information. It’s also good to include links to any blogs, promotions, web pages or other online press releases that share a similar topic.

  • The topic for an online press release is the subject of the content — what you are talking about. It can be your quarterly earnings, a charity drive, a new appointment, or whatever you want the world to know about your company, industry or future direction.
  • A lede is similar to an essay’s topic sentence in that it tells you immediately what the press release is going to be about. A news lede sets the stage for what readers will learn about or for what happened as the reason the article is written. It gives the who, what, when, where, why and how for the article.
  • Attribution is pretty important because it establishes authority for the piece. You want to quote someone who has the most authority about the issue. You wouldn’t quote your accountant in a press release about a new product, rather, you’d go to your marketing or manufacturing leaders.
  • Informative, well-written content is how you’re going to build those backlinking networks every eCommerce business in Gainesville craves. No one will like, share, +1 or quote your online press release if it’s poorly written and contains just a bunch of industry jargon. If you have talented writers at your company, let them show off their skills in writing a release. Our editors and writers can edit for content as well as grammar and spelling to ensure your press release is professional.
  • Contact information is key for a press release. If a blogger, media outlet or just an interested reader wants to find out more about the topic, they need to know who to contact. Make sure you point your readers in the right direction with an appropriate point of contact.
  • Additional information is a good way to show readers that your company is well versed on an issue. Include links to previous online press releases that share similar topics. Or point your readers to your CEO’s blog where he discusses a topic at length. You might also include links to your website where readers can learn more about your company and the issues discussed.

How Can an Online Press Release Benefit My Company?

Online press releases provide you with a way to regularly update your website content. That will promote site traffic, as visitors will need to return frequently, and it will show search engines that your site is not stagnant. That can lead to higher search engine results page rankings, which can lead to more people finding your site during a search, which can lead to increased site traffic.

When a company takes the initiative to inform the public on any number of topics and issues, consumers and followers take notice. They’ll share the information via email and social media, even word of mouth, which can increase brand awareness. If you continually release press releases that show your company in a favorable way, your brand reputation may improve.

Gainesville Marketing & Online Press Releases

Trust our team of talented writers to create original, thought-provoking online press releases for your business. Not only do we have the expertise, but we have other resources that work hand-in-hand with online press releases to improve your overall online marketing campaign. Search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content marketing can all be used together for a more cohesive strategy.

Online press releases are a great way to spread the word and get people talking about whatever you decide. Don’t miss the opportunity to be the topic of discussion. Ask us about improving your online press releases and growing your business.