Pay-Per-Click Management

An unmonitored PPC campaign can cost you thousands.

Pay-per-click campaigns are advertising strategies that are aimed at people who are most likely to purchase your product or complete your call-to-action immediately. These advertisements are placed on Display Networks, listed on paid searches and used in remarketing in order to get a consumer to click on the link or advert. You pay for each click received, thus making it pay-per-click.

The most successful and effective PPC campaigns are closely monitored to ensure that potential consumers are clicking the adverts rather than searchers who might stumble across the ad or have no intention on making a purchase. In order to reach the niche group of consumers, PPC services need to be monitored and evaluated. There are analytical resources available that measure conversion rates, click-throughs, and other PPC-centric metrics. Our goal is to evaluate the data and make changes that are needed to improve PPC performances.

For example, Google AdWords allows you to input a list of keywords that is specific to your industry or company. The wrong set of keywords can lead to a lot of click-throughs, but the moment those consumers realize they’re on the wrong page, or that your company doesn’t offer certain services, they’re off to another site, leaving you with the click-through bill. Don’t let that happen to your company. Monitor your PPC campaigns for better results.

Gainesville Marketing PPC Management Services

The majority of eCommerce business rely on PPC strategies because they can pay off in a big way. In many cases, consumers already know the product they want before they click, it’s just a matter of getting a price they feel is fair. So when you have the right PPC campaign, customers can find your site more quickly, which makes shopping more pleasurable for them.

Google AdWords

Google’s pay-per-click advertising allows you to set up a number of campaigns simultaneously. You set your own budget so you never have to worry about going over cost. And with nearly 70 percent of the market share, Google is sitting in a position to provide your company with a wider audience than the other search engines.

Bing Ads

Make sure your ads are included on Bing and Yahoo search engines as well through Bing Ads and the Yahoo Bing Network. Similar to AdWords, Bing Ads lets you customize a list of keywords so that when potential consumers search, your company’s PPC ads will appear in the paid link area of the search engine results page.

Google Remarketing

Remarketing is a way to reach previous website visitors and present them with ads. A common use of remarketing is to show ads to people who visited your site but did not purchase anything. The types of products and services they looked at are tracked and presented to the site visitors at a later time. This can help draw attention to sales and promotions while directing consumers to specific products.

There are several forms of remarketing through Google:

  • Standard remarketing presents ads to previous site visitors as they search and browse on websites and apps included in the Display Network.
  • Dynamic remarketing allows you to target ads to people who viewed products and services on your site while they search and browse on websites and apps included in the Display Network.
  • Mobile remarketing shows adverts to those who have used your company’s mobile app or mobile website while they use other apps and websites.
  • Search ad remarketing lists present adverts to past site visitors when they perform a search on Google after they leave your site.
  • Video remarketing takes into consideration the videos people have watched on your website or YouTube and presents adverts while those people search videos, websites and apps in the Display Network.

Facebook Ads

Social media marketing is a powerful tool that can supplement your PPC strategy. Advertisements on Facebook appear based on a user’s browsing history on the site as well as the user’s profile information. It’s easy to target consumers in a specific location or within a specific age group based on their Facebook information. Advertisers also have access to the likes and favorites of users, which can be extremely useful in marketing services and products.

The Gainesville Marketing Advantage

Pay-per-click campaigns can be a handful to monitor and maintain, which is why we’re happy to take charge of your PPC campaign and manage it for you. Let us do the research, implementation and follow-up needed so that your PPC campaign is successful.