Reputation Management

Bury negative reviews and improve your online reputation.

Today’s consumer is more educated and proactive in seeking out information about products and services, as well as the companies from which they are provided. It is not unlikely for a consumer to scour the Internet in search for reviews on products, warranties, and services, and company policies such as shipping and returns. A lot of consumers even go further to read reviews about the company as a whole to get a better idea of the online reputation of the business before deciding whether or not to buy. If your company’s online reputation is less than desirable, it’s likely pushing consumers to your competitors. How can you squash bad reviews, build a better reputation, and bring in customers? Gainesville Marketing, based in Gainesville, Fla., has the answers.

Building a Better Online Reputation

There are two approaches in cultivating a positive online reputation for your business, and Gainesville Marketing incorporates both approaches in our services.

Preventative Online Reputation Management

In this proactive approach to positive reputations, we build a better reputation for your business from the ground up. With the influx of positive reviews posted with a more recent date, we can add balance to your reputation. For newer or smaller businesses that don’t have a fully established web presence, it can be difficult to improve your reputation because your consumer base is so limited. But with our help, your business can have an online reputation that reflects the hard work and dedication you and your employees provide to your consumers.

Social media plays an important role in managing an online brand’s reputation. When Gainesville Marketing is in charge of monitoring and managing your social media profiles, we can help create a positive buzz about your company before anything can go amiss. By appealing to your followers, as well as providing consumers with excellent customer service, your company will soon be known for all the positive actions you’ve taken.

Sometimes websites can harm themselves through the inclusion of malicious code. Malware can attach itself almost without notice to your web pages, and when people visit those pages, they can be exposed to the malicious code. We have the resources to fish out malicious code and remove it from your site before your customers are even aware there was a problem. This is also important in keeping your website’s reputation in good standing with search engines such as Google. When malicious code is identified on your site, Google has measures to penalize your site in order to keep it from being accessed by people performing web searches. Don’t let Google keep your from your customers due to malware.

Combative Online Reputation Management

A poor customer experience is almost inevitable. A customer might be having a bad day, or perhaps an employee is overworked and overstressed. But when unwarranted negative reviews pop up, your business could be in trouble. Whatever the cause of customer dissatisfaction, the damage created in the wake of an onslaught of negative reviews can be overwhelming. That’s why we also use combative online reputation management techniques in order to bury negative reviews that are trivial or without merit. The negative reviews cannot be deleted on our end, but there are techniques to push these reviews further down the rankings on search engine result pages so that they are less likely to be seen.

Actively Manage Your Reputation

Whether you’re trying to establish a positive reputation or rebuild after a negative attack campaign, don’t go it alone. Trust Gainesville Marketing to provide you with the tools and services to make a difference the right way, without attacking or confronting your malcontent consumers. We can get your reputation back on track in less time and in such a way that won’t cause further damage. Let us help your business get the reputation you deserve.