SEO Audits

A company audit never felt so good.

  • Are you puzzled by your website’s ranking on search engine result pages?
  • Are your sales or conversion rates not up to your expectations?
  • Are you getting the amount of site traffic you want?

Every company with a web presence should have a search engine optimization (SEO) audit conducted at least once. At Gainesville Marketing, we recommend SEO audits for our clients who aren’t satisfied with the amount of traffic their websites receive, the conversion rates and sales of eCommerce ventures, and the placement of their sites on search engine rankings. Of course there are other benefits to an SEO audit, but those goals are most often affected by issues that can be identified and rectified through an SEO audit.

No matter what stage your company is in, a thorough audit of your web presence can provide important insight into site visitor behaviors, website performance and even online reputation. It’s also a way to identify areas and online marketing components that are working for your company, which we can then use to increase the effectiveness and success of your online presence.

Gainesville Marketing’s SEO Audit Process

There are a number of strategies involved in a thorough SEO audit, and we use all the tools and resources at our disposal to ensure we’re able to get a comprehensive look at your company’s web presence. An SEO audit doesn’t just focus on your website, because there are other areas where SEO is utilized. That means your business blog, social media profiles, landing pages, and even pay-per-click advertising can impact site ranking, conversion/sales rates, and site traffic.

Google offers a few tools that are valuable in the information gathering stage of an SEO audit. Through Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, we can discover mountains of data based solely around your website. These web-based tools allow our analysts to evaluate user behaviors, how visitors are finding your website, and how much time they spend on your site or landing pages. We’re also able to determine indexing practices through Google and whether any problems occur when the search engine crawls your website, which can end in penalizations and lower rankings.

Of course at the heart of our SEO process is an in-depth review of all of your company’s online content. Every web page, social media page, blog, and advert can affect how your company is ranked, so it’s important that all of your content is properly analyzed and optimized. We ensure that your site doesn’t include any duplicated copy, and when needed, we create new and original content so that your site isn’t penalized for inadequate copy.

The extent of an SEO audit is dependent on several factors, including whether or not your business already uses analytical resources like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, or Moz integration. These web-based resources are highly recommended because they provide you with a way to monitor your website as often as needed. There are also a number of tools aimed at improving your website such as content experiments and A/B testing.

Once our audit is completed, we’ll meet with you to discuss a plan of action. The newly founded strategy will include a plan to address weak areas — such as replacing ineffective content with new content — as well as establish best practices for areas that are performing well.

The Gainesville Marketing Advantage

You can give your business an advantage over your competition by allowing us to conduct an SEO audit of your web presence. It’s likely that your competitors will do the same, so don’t be left behind wondering why you aren’t seeing the results you’d like to see. From content creation to improving website performance, we can help grow your business through the data extrapolated from an SEO audit. Let us evaluate the effectiveness of your online presence so that your Internet marketing campaign is more successful.