Social Media Design

A social approach to online marketing success.

Social media is more than a buzzword these days as millions of people head to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and a plethora of other social media sites each and every day. And while many of these websites catered to the young and unruly, social media has thoroughly permeated the online world, making it nearly foolish for any company or organization to balk at creating a profile or updating their status.

If social media is new to you and your business, then you can rely on Gainesville Marketing to bring you up to speed. We can create profiles on all the top sites for your company which provides two immediate benefits. First, your consumers can find your profiles and like or follow your company. Second your social media pages can be indexed by search engines, making it easier for your company to rank higher.

Advantages of Social Media Design

Social media sites are continuously adding features and tools to help customize profiles and include more elements such as photos and videos. It’s possible for companies to create pages that align with promotions or product sneak previews, and many organizations use social media sites as platforms for giveaways and contests. With a better social media marketing strategy, your company can improve its online reputation and brand awareness all while reaching your target audience.

We recommend several social media sites to our clients because it’s better to be included on more than one site. The top sites used by consumers and businesses alike are Facebook and Twitter. These websites are the quickest way for your company to expand its online presence and provide the opportunity for customer feedback and connection. A LinkedIn profile is recommended for any organization that conducts business in a professional setting, as LinkedIn allows you to build a network of professionals with similar experiences, interests and education within the industry. Other sites, such as YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram, may serve more of a purpose for one company over another depending on your industry. For example, YouTube is the perfect platform to share tutorials, educational videos, recorded speeches or video blogs that pertain to topics relating to your company.

At Gainesville Marketing, we can also help you improve your existing social media profiles. There are actually a lot of ways to include photos and videos within profiles and posts. We can ensure that your images are cropped to the correct size and resolution so that your profile looks clean and professional without images being chopped off by existing templates. While that may not seem like a big deal, while scrolling through Facebook profiles, it can be painfully obvious which businesses take the extra time to edit their photos and which ones are clueless about size limitations and proportions.


Choose Gainesville Marketing

If you want a professional presence on social media, choose Gainesville Marketing. We are skilled in creating, updating and maintaining social media profiles so that you can focus on  your business. Many companies don’t have the time or resources to run a successful social media marketing campaign, so they often neglect their profiles. That can lead to disaster if your consumers are trying to get in touch with a representative and your page is abandoned. Ask about our social media marketing services and how we can help improve your online reputation as well as expand your online presence.