Social Media Marketing

Build better connections with your consumers through social media sites.

Social media is an ever-growing component in the daily lives of millions of people. Consumers are turning to social media now more than ever to check out sales and promotions; offer customer feedback; review products; share pictures and videos using products; and to communicate directly with companies. And one major draw to social media is that users can instantly share information, photos and video with their friends and followers, allowing thousands, and even millions, of people access to posts and Tweets within seconds.

So, how does your business compare to your competitors when it comes to your social media marketing in Gainesville? If your business doesn’t have a profile on the leading social media sites, Gainesville Marketing can help you step up your online presence and make it easier for consumers to find your company and contact you.

Advantages of Utilizing Social Media

Having a strong presence on several social media sites can give your business access to several advantages.


  • Increased brand awareness: The more people who have access to your online brand, the more likely you are to build your consumer base. Social media allows for growing brand awareness through sharing, liking and re-tweeting posts, pictures and videos. For example, if one of your followers shares your company’s post, the friends and followers of that person can see the post on their respective timelines and histories. If they like what they see or read, they may then follow your company. While the number of followers may not translate to a direct sales amount, it is still a group of potential consumers who choose to show an interest in your business, and that can’t be bad.
  • Better online reputation: Because the social media profiles of businesses are usually public, a few bad reviews or customer interactions can have far-reaching negative effects. With Gainesville Marketing's online reputation services, we can utilize your social media profiles to build a better reputation for your brand.
  • Quick customer service: Consumers prefer a quick, direct option for customer service, and many of them will head to Facebook or Twitter the moment something is amiss. Show your consumers that you care by providing adequate customer service through your social media profiles.
  • Advertising opportunities: With social media remarketing tags, you can present specific adverts to people who have viewed your profile while they browse other pages on social media sites.
  • Higher search engine result rankings: Social media web pages can be crawled and indexed, which can add to search engine optimization and backlinking efforts of your company. With profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, your business will have more content that can be ranked highly on search engines.


Social Media Services Provided by Gainesville Marketing

We recommend that our clients join several social media sites in order to have a better web presence. Of course, you want to join the services that will provide the best fit for your company. Facebook and Twitter offer the most advantages when you want to connect with consumers and portray a well-rounded online presence. And having a LinkedIn profile is mandatory for building a professional network. But don’t overlook YouTube and Instagram to show the more human-centric side of your company. Funny or touching videos and photos can build a following quickly and keep your consumers loyal when they feel a connection has been established.

At Gainesville Marketing, we can create a social media strategy for your company that is customized to your goals. We’ll create your profiles, update and maintain them, as well as analyze data that we can compile about the sites and the way users interact with your profiles. You can’t go wrong when you work with a company fully dedicated to growing your business through social media marketing.