Website Maintenance

Stay on track with our maintenance strategies.

Within your business there might be many areas that require regular maintenance. Company vehicles, office buildings, warehouses, tools, heavy machinery, and networks and servers all benefit from schedule maintenance checks, so it can be easy to overlook a business website. But you shouldn’t let your website sit unattended and unaltered. Regular website maintenance can help catch problems before they start affecting your profits, and it’s a proven way to keep your consumers interested in your company.

Website Maintenance & What it Entails

There are several ways to keep your company’s website updated and fresh without requiring a total redesign or overhaul. If your site hasn’t changed in the last 5 years, a redesign might be in order, but redesigns can take some serious time, so an overview of your site might serve until your redesign is complete.

While the goal of your website may be a constant, the rest of your site should be up for improvements. Double check your content for errors. Is there a better way to layout the page? Are search engines indexing your site with the correct keywords? What are you doing to encourage website visitors to return? All of these things matter, and they can all be addressed during weekly or monthly maintenance programs.

Gainesville Marketing offers many tools and resources to help create a maintenance program for your website. The most simplified service we offer is a content management system (CMS). This web-based application can allow you to make simple changes to your web pages without extensive coding knowledge. However, we know how busy business owners are, and many of our small business clients in Gainesville don’t have the time or staffing to stay on top of website maintenance. We can manage your CMS and monitor your website to make sure your company’s goals are met. With tools such as Google Webmaster Tools, we can be alerted to any indexing issues or malicious code alerts that might be harming your website’s rankings in search engine result pages. As part of your maintenance program, we can immediately rectify the issue or identify the malicious code so that Google stops penalizing your website.

Keeping the Customer Happy

It’s important that websites function properly and don’t hinder the user experience. In order to ensure that your website is keeping your consumers happy while they browse, you should perform website maintenance which can identify problem areas. Slow-loading web pages, interactive designs that malfunction, broken links, missing pages and online forms that behave poorly can be frustrating for consumers and may ultimately lead to high exit rates.

Consumers also expect easy navigation, updated information, and all the latest on current sales and promotions. You want to be able to give your consumers a reason to return, and with proper website upkeep, you can inform your site visitors and make that information easy to find. Imagine running a sale without including any information about it on your website. It may sound absurd to some, but companies do it all the time. By updating your site, you can increase your web traffic but also help drive customers to your store location. Otherwise, you’re relying on chance to bring a customer to your doors, in person or online, to discover your deals and promotions.

A Better Web Presence

Websites with owners who continually strive to improve and meet consumer demands are undoubtedly more successful in the long-run. While there are tricks and schemes that can garner higher rankings and increased site traffic, these tactics never last and must be altered to stay ahead. Skip over those less-than-ethical tactics with Gainesville Marketing and create a website maintenance strategy to keep you ahead of the competition and keep your consumers coming back for more.