Website Redesign

Websites should not be left stagnant, never to be changed. If you aren’t updating, maintaining and redesigning your site, then you’re giving your consumers very little reason to return. That can drive site traffic to new lows and discourage sales. Consumers who feel a connection to a company through the content provided on a website are more likely to make a purchase and become a loyal customer. If you haven’t redesigned your website in the last 5 years, it might be time to take another look and see how your site can improve.

How Can a Redesign Help My Business?

The reasons for a redesign can vary from one company to the next. As each online business is wholly unique, the sales goals and consumer expectations for each business should be taken into consideration when determining whether a redesign is warranted. Some businesses choose a website redesign to increase site traffic or to draw attention to specific promotions. Other companies may redesign their websites to reflect a sale or purchase of the business. A website redesign is almost always in your favor to improve analytical data and metrics, which can be measured through a number of our web-based services.

Perhaps the biggest concern of any webmaster is the amount of traffic landing on his or her website. Some believe that when more people visit a site, higher sales are likely. While that may not always be the case, there are several benefits to increased website traffic. Of course, when more potential consumers visit your site, and are already planning to purchase, those people are more likely to help you increase sales. But what about the site visitors who aren’t buying or completing a call-to-action? Don’t write them off just yet. Some online shoppers prefer to scope out a business before becoming a loyal consumer. And that means visiting your site and learning more about your company, its policies and its pricings. Building a larger audience is a great tactic to help improve your company’s online reputation and increase brand awareness.

So, how do you drive traffic to your site? A website redesign can encompass every aspect of website creation in order to build a better product. We can create new content, or rewrite existing content, that is optimized for search engine rankings. With a better placement on search engine result pages, your company has a higher chance of being seen by your consumers. Higher-quality content also improves trust with consumers and gives them a reason to return. We’ll also take a look at the functionality of your site to ensure there are no broken links or missing pages and that each feature work properly. Online consumers can be extremely impatient and often won’t wait more than a few seconds for a page, video or interactive graphic to load. Don’t drive away your potential sales with a failing website; redesign your site so it performs perfectly.

How Do I Know if I Need a Website Redesign?

We offer several tools that can help determine whether your site is helping or hurting your business. Through Google Analytics, we are able to collect data about your website and the people who visit it to determine if there are weak points that a redesign can address. With content experiments, we can test varying metrics on each page and test them with your existing audience, allowing us to monitor the results. And if you’d rather pit your current website against a redesign, we can test which site your consumers prefer with A/B Testing. These tests do take some time to complete, but the data obtained can be priceless if it helps us improve your site traffic and sales goals.