More than 220 million businesses can’t be wrong.

It can be difficult to break into Gainesville’s eCommerce market, and staying relevant through local search engine optimization can be stressful as the city continues to grow and be revitalized. When your company decides to rely on another business to create and implement a successful Internet marketing strategy, you want to make sure your business will grow. With Gainesville Marketing, located in Gainesville, Fla., we offer you a unique opportunity to get your company’s info out there and accessible to everyone without all the hassle that usually goes with it.

Gainesville Marketing has a one-of-a-kind partnership with Yext, an inbound marketing company based in New York City. Yext has created an extensive network of online directory publishers in order to crawl for business listings, provide those businesses with the opportunity to update/correct the information, and then publish the data across more than 50 sites. Yext’s state-of-the-art technology allows for instant blanket updates so you can make changes to more than 50 profile listings in real time. And you when you choose to be a part of Yext’s PowerListings through Gainesville Marketing, you’ll get even more benefits, including membership discount rates.

How PowerListings Can Help Your Business

When someone enters a business address or phone number into a search engine, the results can vary. The optimal outcome is that the correct business website would lead the organic results accompanied by a map listing (like MapQuest or Google Maps) and local search results. The bigger search engines provide these local listings based on their own algorithms. But in the search results directly below, hundreds of other directory listings may appear. Wouldn’t it be great if all of those directories provided accurate information through complete profiles, rather than a message that asks “Do you own this company? Fill out the details today!”

There are a few different ways a business could be incorporated in a directory, and the only way you can make sure your company’s information is accurate is if you spend hundreds of hours scouring the Internet to find every instance. And the odds of you finding every single listing are slim. Even one wrong phone number out there can quickly spell doom. If just one person finds the wrong number, they could share it with friends, write a nasty review about how no one answered the phone, and begin rumors that your company has closed down. All because they got the wrong information.

Yext helps you clear up any inaccurate directory listings and complete those that are sparse. Yext’s patented technology crawls the web looking for your company’s details in all the nooks and crannies. Then, it takes the profile you’ve created and syncs that profile across its PowerListing Network, which includes search engines, mapping apps and local service sites like Bing, Yahoo, MapQuest and Yelp. Gainesville Marketing can help you create your profile and we’ll manage it for you, too. That way when you move locations, change your phone number or open new branches of your business, all of your listings are up to date. Yext only allows the business or account managers to change the information in their PowerListings, so you don’t have to worry about a customer out for revenge inputting inaccurate data.

See what being part of a powerful network can do for you Gainesville-based business. More than 220 million businesses have benefitted from being a part of PowerListings. Gainesville Marketing is here to walk your company through the process and manage your account for a better Internet marketing strategy.