Analytics & Development

Google Analytics

Use Google's online resources to your advantage. You would never turn down a free SEO audit or web security check, yet thousands of businesses still don't take advantage of Google Analytics. This free service provides businesses with data mined from website indexing, site traffic behavior and more across platforms and devices. With this information, Online Potential's analytics experts can devise a more complete marketing strategy, make adjustments where data shows weaknesses, and provide your company with best practices for going forward.

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Google Webmaster Tools

We highly recommend Google Webmaster Tools for every website owner because of the invaluable information provided. You can monitor your website for malicious code and spam, analyze traffic behavior and sources, get to know Google's indexing process, and understand how web users see your site during a web search. Get a report card of your site's performance straight from the source. We'll set up your tools, and evaluate and analyze all this data for you so we can create strategies where you need it most, like SEO or web security.

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Content Management Systems

Take charge of your website with this easy tool. Web-based Content Management Systems allow users without HTML5 and CSS knowledge to update and maintain their web pages. Simple content updates can be made at any time, and scheduled content such as blog posts or promotions can be set to publish automatically. It is also possible to make certain design changes, such as adding or removing links and graphics or uploading a video. For those who want to be hands-on in their website maintenance, a CMS is a must, but we can also work with you to keep your site working smoothly.

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